The afterglow of greatness

inspiration Dec 04, 2019


Greatness happens in the dark, outside of the spotlight. It lives in the darkness where you refuse to give up, even if your mind tells you to.


Greatness happens when fear of failure is breathing down your neck.


Greatness happens when the lights have been turned off and everyone else, except you, has gone home.


Greatness happens in the lonely hours when it´s just you and your project, you and your challenges.


Never confuse greatness with its afterglow: the ceremony, the medal, the launch, the promotion, the “perfect life”. Greatness has long left the building. The afterglow is it´s only trace.


Become friends with your greatness, don´t worry about the afterglow. Your greatness shines in your struggles.


Never give up. I cheer for you.

- Elke






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